Planning out Social Enterprise

I want to create a microfinance social enterprise that gives out micro-loans to people living under the poverty in South Korea. Because poverty cannot be solved by a mere donation, microfinance institution must provide both education and micro-loans to them to make them financially independent. Not only those who are living under the poverty, but also I want to give micro-loans of relatively large scale to potential creative social entrepreneurs without enough capital. If we can target these two sectors, we can address social problems both directly and indirectly. Also we can use the repayments by social entrepreneurs once they succeed to generate further micro-loans to the poor. To make my enterprise successful, I am planning to use Kiva as a platform to generate micro-loans and see how generating these loans work in the real world. Furthermore, I want to make a mobile application that enables people in South Korea to generate and receive micro-loans freely. Hopefully, we can use this mobile application as a platform for our social enterprise.


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