Harnessing technology

In a modern world, many social enterprises revolutionized their operational model, incorporating technologies at the core of their model, in contrast to traditional models dominated by micro financing and labor-intensive models. The key reason is because using technologies can deal with more social issues at the same time, thanks to its efficiencies and worldwide accessibility. Thus, social enterprises that have embraced technologies actually seek to serve many social problems whereas most social enterprises have one major aim. For example, Benetech uses technology to meet various social goals in the field of politics, education, and the environment. The feasibility of these technologies assessed in the Benetech Lab. In politics, the company uses software called the Human Rights Program to provide human right defenders with adequate resources. The Global Literacy software provides illiterate students worldwide with educational opportunities. In the field of environment, the Environment Program software provides conservationists and environmentalists worldwide with enough tools and resources to plan their initiatives. The success of Benetech -Empowering a half million people with disabilities to read and access information, delivered over 10,000,000 accessible ebooks, enabling thousands of human rights defenders in over 50 countries, enhancing conservation data and project management to protect habitats in more than- can be traced mainly to the use of technology. Because the software developed by the Benetech can deliver services to worldwide at anytime since it does not require transportation of labor services, it can meet wider social objectives.



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