Annie Ryu’s Blueprint for a Non-Exploitative, Global Supply Chain

Annie Ryu is a social entrepreneur whose expedition is based on the jackfruit, an enormous, green, studded fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. With the current global warming concerns, the fruit’s nutritional attributes could deem it as a viable/sustainable option to imperiled food crops such as wheat while also serving as a meat substitute. Ryu asserts that the latter take could actually go a long way in dealing with multiple global concerns, more so because the fruit is nutritious, satisfactory, and abundantly grows without agricultural inputs.

Ryu mentions she initially developed a zeal to address issues plaguing mankind after coming to terms with statistics on millions of dispatches being caused by curable conditions. Her first social enterprise project was an SMS service disseminating salient maternal health info to expectant and new mothers in Nicaragua. In an attempt to scale up the expedition, she travelled to India and uncovered the multi-faceted jackfruit, which was later dubbed as the “pulled pork for vegetarians” by the Guardian. She launched her franchise viewing the discovery as an opportunity, with the aim of enacting a sustainable supply chain. She currently collaborates with more than three hundred farmers while supplying the product to around two thousand retailers.



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