Ways to Encourage Youths to Pursue Social Entrepreneurship

Instilling a social enterprise zeal to the youth is undoubtedly not a walk in the park. Distractions as well as other things eating up their time are some of the hurdles making the undertaking difficult. So how can young people be encouraged to join the domain?

Identifying areas of interest to get them involved

Unravelling subfields that resonate with the youth could prove to be an efficient strategy, especially if it’s something that will involve their peers. Additionally, setting up centers where they can be actively engaged in helping others is important, more so because they’ll be more empathetic and subsequently come up with tailored solutions for the beneficiaries.

Helping them embrace their passion for social good

It is salient to note that millennials are not only enterprise-minded, but they’re also enthusiastic with regard to giving back to the society. Assisting the youth in embracing this, particularly via tutorship, tech tools, and pro bono services, will act as a stepping stone for putting any conceptions they have in mind into effect.





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