Social entrepreneurship develops in Karaganda

Radost, a charity shop in Karaganda, is currently serving as one of the best case studies of social enterprise projects in the nation. Owner Meruyert Argimbayeva launched the company approximately three years ago, and she has since served as the heart, soul and brain of the expedition.

Meruyert details that Radost has been amassing second hand items in good condition, distributing them for free to low income groups residing in the Karaganda region. But besides that model, the shop also seeks out novel products from boutiques closing shop or goods that do not fit their intended users; and these are sold at a relatively low price, in some cases three to four times lower than the market value. The retail business has been dealing in apparel, shoes, ornaments, souvenirs, toys, handmade items and bedding; with the cost of operation being deducted from the proceeds while the remaining net profit is funneled to cater for seriously ill children.

Argimbayeva points out even though charity shops came into being a few decades ago, she was amongst the first lot that introduced the conception in Kazakhstan. She opted for the venture after partaking in a novel social franchise program at the St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management while also educating herself with other relative sources.



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