Social Entrepreneur Spotlight: Joe Kelly and His Fireproof Mission

When brainstorming about the social issues affecting the entire globe, fire prevention is undoubtedly one of the most ignored concerns. It’s without doubt a dire scenario because in the US for instance, there are over one million fire related injuries with each passing year.

Joe Kelly is however addressing this issue through tutorship with the use of the Fire-ED Fully Involved Teaching Tool, an engaging methodology championing for best fire safety practices.

Joe mentions that the main inspiration behind his social mission is his three decade career in firefighting, where he’s witnessed the field’s major shortcomings including faulty smoke detectors resulting in dispatches, and non-interactive fire prevention courses. These are some of the hurdles that Joe is striving to eliminate.

He is currently advocating for the integration fire prevention education to school curriculums, to in turn ensure more lives are saved. With this take, pupils can serve as role models within communities to help recognize and negate risks of fire outbreaks in both the home and school setting.




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