2 Ways Social Entrepreneurs Can Solve Their Talent Problem

Making talent a top strategic priority

Social entrepreneurs need to be spot on and ahead of time with regard to hiring concerns, in the same way they would when forecasting consumer trends. Most importantly, social enterprise owners need not assign a designated team to handle this matter, particularly because they are best suited to find persons committed to the organization’s mission and vision. Fred Swanisker, CEO of African Leadership Group, mentions that he has been dedicating quite a lot of time on hiring, asserting it is undoubtedly a key aspect that will guarantee the success of any social franchise.

Training employees to become leaders

A social business expedition should also serve as a talent development harbor to corroborate and retain talent within the firm. In other words, personnel should be facilitated with the necessary programs to make them viable candidates for senior positions. The approach will ensure future hiring headaches are negated.





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