US based social accelerator Unreasonable Institute to launch in Pakistan

The Pakistan Youth Activism Center and the Epiphany Private Limited will oversee a first-of-its-kind social accelerator course, in a collaborative partnership with U.S. based Unreasonable Institute. The initiative is expected to usher in a new path for comprehensive capacity building within Pakistan’s social startups. The five day program is meant to cater for initial phase Pakistan entrepreneurs who are channeling efforts on social and environmental issues. Taking place from August 22 to 26 in Islamabad, it will present time-tested information and networks salient for scaling up mission driven startups.

Epiphany Private Limited was launched in 2016 to provide advisory services to impactful expeditions and conceptions. It has been doing so by offering consultancy expertise in institutional development, advocating for dialogue and policy adherence, while also partaking in governance research to in turn enact governance reform. The Pakistan Youth Activism Center was on the other hand launched in 2015 to capacitate, link and engage youthful social enterprise proponents.




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