This Program Helps Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs Before They Even Have an Idea

The social entrepreneurship domain currently constitutes an enormous number of incubators and accelerators. However, most of these institutions do not cater for the persons wanting to employ a for-profit model but do not have the right idea yet. Dustin Mix and Maria Gibbs have now embarked on a project that seeks to deal with the aforementioned concern. Also referred to as the Venture Founders Program, the undertaking is part of a Notre Dame University initiative dubbed as the ESTEEM (Engineering, Science and Tech Enterprise Excellence Program).

The Venture Founders course, having been initiated in July 2016, has so far brought together entrepreneurial minded scholars to particularly address key social/environmental issues, like for example antibiotic resistance, using a complex methodology entailing systems mapping, critical design and other approaches. The main aim is to facilitate students in developing an influential and profit making venture, while also considering that a potential proposition will be reached at after scrutinizing five or six ideas. One promising proposal from the expedition is that of solving the unemployment crisis by linking up students with manufacturing firms, which will point out the requisite skills needed so that pupils can be trained to partake in the industries’ day to day proceedings.




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