Skoll Foundation Announces 2017 Awardees for Social Entrepreneurship

The Skoll Foundation, which will oversee the 14th Annual Skoll World Forum in the coming week, has unveiled its four 2017 awardees for social enterprise: companies which have (through their works) exhibited a remarkable comprehension that human dignity utterly relies on the security of meeting basic needs: food, health, shelter and safety.

The most novel ones amongst them include:

Build change

Dr. Elizabeth Hausler, founder of the aforementioned franchise, notes that a huge percentage of natural disaster related dispatches occur in developing nations, more so in overpopulated zones where housing structures are more prone to collapse. Through her company, she addresses the concern by instilling a disaster-resilient construction approach to local builders and homeowners alike. She does so via training plus the provision of suitable retrofitting designs which have been yielded by collaborative efforts with seismic engineering experts.


Human trafficking seems to be a profitable yet low-risk venture, more so because it targets the most vulnerable individuals who give in after being promised some lucrative job opportunities. With each passing year, around 20 million persons are coerced to commercial sex or forced labor while orchestrators reap billions of dollars in profits. Polaris addresses this concern by outsourcing salient data that can equip authorities seeking to negate the vice, while also overseeing targeted campaigns in various affected regions. Additionally, the company directly supports victims through hotlines and policy advocacy centers.



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