Social enterprises in Africa rise to new challenges

The Enterprise Africa Summit that took place last week had a key headlining focus which was resilience. The topic was chosen to serve as a representation of Africa’s social franchising landscape wherein it’s challenging to survive as an enterprise; and therefore social proponents need to robust themselves while providing solutions that enhance the societies’ resilience in the areas of operation. A perfect case study adhering to this approach was highlighted at the event, more so because it utilized local resources and technologies within the underserved communities to accrue social impact.

Zaacoal, Ghana

Amin Sulley, the founder of the aforementioned franchise launched the company in a bid to address a multifaceted concern. Firstly, there was the prevalent use of kerosene or wood in the West African nation, a hazardous approach for their environment. Secondly, this was mostly done indoors, with resultant smoke proving quite detrimental to health. Sulley therefore embarked on a research expedition and discovered that the problem could be solved by utilizing discarded coconut pods. After unravelling a methodology that transformed the pods into charcoal, he had developed a smokeless, environmentally friendly product.



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