Social entrepreneurship as a solution to the drug problem

Looking at case studies in Mexico, Colombia and recently in the Philippines, it’s evident that the all-out rage against drug traffickers is unfortunately yielding more violence instead of positive outcomes. This is particularly so because the big fish in the trade are powerful and well connected with local and national authorities. Therefore, a key alternative in dealing with the menace could be redirecting the demand from drug users, rather than trying to annihilate the big cartels. One question that arises from this conception is, can social enterprise initiatives come up with innovative products/services that can serve as alternatives to illegal narcotics? Presented below are salient ideals that adhere to the aforementioned methodology.

Firstly, most of the drug users often regard their habit as a means of recreation and in some cases socialization. So we ask ourselves, which surrogate exercise can efficiently cater to this need? The use of sports can adequately address this concern – one formidable approach would be to coordinate sports leagues that corroborate community support and friendly competition.

Additionally, social franchise proponents could utilize social media and the internet to come up with apps that provide support/forums to the addicts, particularly those partaking in the dire activity as a form of dealing with stress/difficulties in life.




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