Social Entrepreneurs on Building South Africa’s Economy

A written account going by the name “The Disruptors: Social entrepreneurs reinventing business and society” has detailed social franchising expeditions of fourteen South Africa investors. One of them is Claire Reid, owner of the Reel Gardening enterprise which facilitates vegetable plantations on strips of biodegradable paper. This sophisticated cultivation feat has also proved quite efficient when it comes to water use. Reid initiated her undertaking at age 16.

There’s also Gregory Maqoma, managing director of Vuyani Dance Theatre. The company organizes dance performances for conventional cinemas and corporate occasions. It also offers training courses to novice dancers.

Yusuf Randera-Rees is also featured in the book, being the founder of the Awethu project that has so far corroborated about five hundred startups and currently regulates more than 160 million rand in state and collective funds.

The aim of book

Co-authors Gus Silber and Kerryn Krige have pointed out in the publication’s introduction that their main motive is to demonstrate the value and diversity that is prevalent in the social enterprise domain, wherein there exists enormous potential/opportunity besides profit making.




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