Making Non-Formal Education Attractive for Slum Children

The lack of education in slum areas is a key social concern that needs to be addressed by enacting an innovative methodology to schooling. The informal classroom setting can instil a learning zeal in children; and also serve as a forum shelter to empower the community at large with the following tips.

Use of Open green spaces

Open areas shaded by trees have proved to be quite soothing and attractive natural environs for study. The Aravindam Foundation is already enacting this conception in India, where it has transformed unutilized panchayat lands into urban hubs promoting education, training, and environmental awareness in underserved communities.

Reading opportunities

Children are without doubt inclined to reading, but nonetheless, the package with which the study material comes in plays an important role. Historical and inspirational storybooks presented in a cartoon/picture format will instinctively capture a child’s attention.

Making learning exciting

Integrating fun-making activities like theatre and dance can enhance children’s confidence and personality, to in turn generate a motivational ripple effect amongst the larger peer group.


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