Raja Muda to fire up Selangor youth

The Selangor Youth Community (SAY) has unveiled a new program that seeks to mentor the youth so that they can play a key role in Selangor’s social enterprise domain. Dubbed as the Youth Ignite 2017, the undertaking aims at instilling interest and commitment on society based initiatives in sectors such as arts, culture, entertainment, business, sports and health. The SAY, being a non-state corporation, wants to serve as a bridge linking the government, the corporate field and the youth to in turn facilitate a thriving, sustainable community. In doing so, it will first start by partnering with Hijrah Selangor, a government funded program that distributes startup funds to budding franchises. The collaborative approach will guarantee easier disbursement of microcredit to Selangor’s young entrepreneurs and is a very exciting development in the world of social entrepreneurship.


The SAY Ignite 2017, scheduled for commencement this coming April, entails opportunities to foster talent from grassroots levels, while also acting as a conception sharing platform where the youth can provide opinions on concerns affecting their generation. There are great hopes that this new program will take hold in the community and bring powerful results.




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