Jiwon Park: Reaching out to the world

During her high school years, Jiwon Park partook in various activism efforts in her hometown Fort Wayne, with one example being the training of refugees. Now an MIT senior, she notes that the activities provided salient insights into the social concerns plaguing her city. She has so far been embarking on trips to four different nations where she oversees social enterprise and public health projects, while still being involved in her undergraduate program.

In her initial years at MIT, she began seeking sophisticated methodologies that could prove quite effective in assisting the needy. One of her first stepping stones was getting membership at the MIT Global Poverty Initiative, a student based corporation that utilizes the services of the MIT community in negating poverty concerns. She immediately participated in the du’Anyam Project, an initiative that was at the time channeling efforts in addressing the dire maternal health care (and the relating high miscarriage cases) in Indonesia. After discovering women in remote areas were being subjected to hard labor during pregnancy, she formed a team and they came up with a new alternative to facilitate revenue generation amongst the affected group – weaving wicker products including baskets and furniture with pandan twigs.




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