What does leadership translate to in social enterprise?

Social enterprise proponents consider the introduction of social media as a key component that has significantly shifted our ideals on leadership. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have proved that a 21st century citizen, with the requisite tools and the freedom to create, can come up with original conceptions that surpass the so-called creative industries/firms. Therefore, good leadership does not only translate to the imposition of a specific vision; rather, it also entails the creation of policies that enable others to create and thrive.

A perfect case study of the approach can be seen in Buurtzorg firm, which is a Dutch nursing care organization that has transcended from four to nine thousand employees in just a decade. The company designates decision making to small groups of nurses, with only forty five persons working as central administrators. The approach has since drawn significant advantages in the Dutch Health care domain, particularly with regard to efficiency. Just like the social media field, the corporation employs a framework that empowers others to bring change.






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