International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship concluded successfully

The aforementioned global conference, taking place for the first time in Sri Lanka, was recently summed up after achieving its main goal, which was to develop a worldly platform that would instil the much needed drive in social enterprise. The event was attended by an interdisciplinary audience entailing pupils, scholars, researchers, businessmen and organization delegates from around the world. They all partook in discussion forums, sharing knowledge, expertise and real life experiences in the specialized sector.

The symposium was further divided into thirteen categories to dive deeper into the wider perspective concerning social franchising, its relevance and execution. The subdivisions included Green entrepreneurship, new approaches in CSR, Sustainability in business via social entrepreneurship, the salience of SE fostering in education institutions, women’s role in the domain, amongst other topics. With the approach, participants gained valuable insights on context based ideation.

The 2016 International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship was directed by the Colombo School of Business Management, a fledgling company seeking to establish leaders in South East Asia via hands-on, practical courses.




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