Competition Aims to Boost Social Entrepreneurship

Richmond’s Earlham College has recently initiated a business plan contest that aims at encouraging collaboration and creativity in social entrepreneurship. With a five dollar figure sum in venture funds, the Earlham Prize for Creative Capitalism will kick-start operations of startups channeling efforts towards social and peace building initiatives. Its first event will oversee presentations from fourteen groups consisting of scholars from Earlham, Indiana University, Ivy Tech Community College and Purdue Polytechnic School. The winning team will take home a twenty thousand prize sum with smaller prizes being funneled to other proposals.

Gene Hamrick, director at Earlham’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, mentions the reason behind the use of the term Creative Capitalism, saying it’s because the undertaking is focusing on people, the planet and profit. He also details a few propositions in the forthcoming occasion, which include a food security course to negate hunger in Wayne County, a STEM tutorship/mentorship course to instil innovation, and a program providing childcare services for parents working in nightshift jobs.




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