SuraiTea wins Ottawa Social Impact Award

The Canadian Museum of Nature recently oversaw the inauguration of the Ottawa Social Impact Awards, a social enterprise initiative uniting community innovators, business leaders and collaborators. It’s an interdisciplinary project created by the Ottawa City and the franchise Impact Hub. Mayor Jim Watson took the podium to commend two community based companies, SuraiTea and Helping with Furniture.

Owner of SuraiTea Kevin Smiley mentioned that he began the undertaking with the assist-the-needy motive. After attending classes in business school by the day, he would often watch the unfolding of the ravaging war in Syria each night. On one cold night earlier in the year, he thought of employing the skills he learnt to help refugees arriving in Canada generate income after fleeing the devastation on their homeland.

The use of jasmine flowers in making tea was particularly key, with the flora species being indigenous in Syria; plus tea drinking is a native feature of the Syrian community, and that of many other Middle East nations. Kevin sought a product that was not only marketable, but also significant/salient to those he was trying to assist.

Jasmine tea is known to have salient health benefits such as reducing stress, preventing heart attack, diabetes and cancer, plus strengthening the body’s immune system.





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