Naperville entrepreneur’s anti-bullying app gains recognition

Trisha Prabhu could one of Naperville’s best known residents, and it’s all because her efforts in negating cyberbullying are gaining worldwide acclamation. Two years ago at the age of sixteen, Trisha coded an application referred to as ReThink, which provides a pop-up warning message to anyone attempting to post offensive/harmful content on social media. The app gives the user an opportunity to make a choice of not posting something hurtful-a decision she said teens resort to 93 percent of the time when prompted by the program.

ReThink has since been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, in more than 2000 schools across the world; further incorporating around a million students as part and parcel of an anti-cyberbullying campaign.

The app’s success has brought Trisha, a student at Neuqua Valley High School, to the TV front. On the series “Shark Tank,” she scored a $100,000 deal with entrepreneurs Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban in exchange for twenty percent of her franchise.



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