Turkey’s women-only gym chain fit for expansion

A decade ago, Turkish entrepreneur Bedriye Hulya thought of a new approach that would empower women through cheap and easy access to exercise/sports, enterprise and socializing. She later put her ideas into practice by launching B-fit, Turkey’s first chain of women-only gyms. Her efforts were commended at the 2013 World Economic Forum’s Schwab Foundation where she was named the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Her business framework entails co-ownership and management by women only. Further, Turkey’s fitness domain generally constitutes of expensive salons, but B-fit provides membership at a relatively cheaper price to cater for low to middle-income people. Other advantages include the comforting aspect that is rarely witnessed in mixed-gender gyms. Also, B-fit provides a comprehensive 30 minute workout for working women with little free time.

Besides empowering end users, her model also facilitates the opportunity of establishing a branch without huge investments; which will be regularly monitored by B-fit central management with regard to client satisfaction and turnover. Additionally, all branches have to oversee social events including dinners, outdoor activities and communal/socially adhering projects.





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