Kroc School Launches Master’s Degree in Social Innovation

The San Diego University recently unveiled a Master of Arts in Social Innovation at the Joan B. Kroc Institute of Peace Studies. The degree, which is attainable in a single academic year, is 30 credit course constituting a capstone undertaking that facilitates participation of students in real-world projects, plus the receipt of venture capital funding via the Social Innovation Challenge.

The program aims at instilling a deep comprehension of societal concerns in the current global environment by teaching salient concepts such as Worldly Challenges, Conflict resolution/Peace and Development. Information gotten from the classroom setting is coupled with critical thinking, inventiveness, leadership and sustainable design conceptions, which will be instilled from experimentation projects in USD’s School of Business and School of Education Sciences.

Patricia Marquez, dean of School of Peace Studies, mentions that the main aim of the initiative is to transcend past creating new products or services by reframing/looking for opportunities in problems to in turn create an improved order of things. Graduating participants will seek to transform the existing insufficient/inefficient frameworks that contribute significantly to poverty, conflict and injustice concerns.




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