Survey shows more buying from social enterprises in Singapore

According to a public perception survey released by the Singapore Center for Social Enterprise (raiSE), more people have become aware of social franchising, and buying goods/services from the domain.

With a basis on two thousand responses collected between May and June, the survey indicated a five-fold increase in awareness from thirteen percent in 2010 to sixty five percent in 2016. It also identified the 31-35 age group as the highest in awareness levels, with seven out of ten respondents saying they were aware of the undertaking. The findings were unveiled at raiSE’s Singapore Social Enterprise Conference, a two-day event for leaders, organizations and entrepreneurs investigating how enterprises could be a force for social good. Notable case studies presented at the conference included the Sustainable Living Lab, which assists students and social entrepreneurs to access equipment such as 3D printers to manufacture various products; and the Edible Garden City which builds food vertical gardens as a form of urban farming, while catering for those with autism by letting them partake in the practice as a therapeutical and employment means.



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