Social entrepreneurship role in the success of Sustainable Development Goals

Without a doubt, social entrepreneurial work has proved to be a pace setter in changing the world, wherein social franchises employ a collaborative and empathetic team effort while engaging in innovative solution seeking. Indeed, the domain is accelerating a global turning point spanning the next fourteen years, wherein all countries will individually and collectively strive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a battle strategy for planet Earth. The United Nations has designated 17 SDGs to put an end to global poverty, inequality and injustice, while tacking climate change/global warming.

Social entrepreneurs like Ramesh Kumar and Edith Elliot have demonstrated ways of improving quality of life while ensuring prosperity for a larger community as part of the new sustainable development agenda. Ramesh is the founder of Swarna Pragati Housing Microfinance, an enterprise that providing housing finance and mortgage systems which enable flow of credit to rural environs. Edith’s social venture, Noora Health, facilitates paid caregiving by patients’ family members, in a bid to bridge the human resource gap within hospitals.




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