Incubator Equips High School Social Entrepreneurs

Atlanta’s social entrepreneurship domain has overseen a surge in incubators, which assist budding startups to transform into fully fledged companies. A perfect example of such accelerators is the GivingPoint, a local non-profit organization enacting the entrepreneurial spirit at an early stage (high school). Derek Smith, co-founder of the franchise, mentions that his team first identifies the social issues students are passionate about, afterwards facilitating undertakings that have more meaningful impact to the surrounding low-income communities.

Furthermore, the franchise has set up segments to cater for key individual concerns, for example self-efficiency, an approach that has oversaw the company integrating web platforms which advise on home etiquette, management of personal accounts, setting short-term and long term goals, plus the making of healthy informed decisions. In addition, the organization harbors a variety of programs advocating for partnerships/connections to enhance the positive impact of the initiative to its youth. So far, GivingPoint’s resources have equipped well over 9000 youth, non-profits and donors, with students accomplishing 650,000 service hours and around $20 million in total community impact.




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