Cultivating social entrepreneurship to spur economic growth

The Whisky maker Chivas Regal franchise recently launched The Venture in Malaysia, an initiative aiming to spur the regional up and coming social enterprises. The undertaking serves an opportunity for promising startups to compete in the international domain and win a token of one million in funding. Project proponent Sebastien Mouquet mentions it’s indeed the right time to launch the course in Malaysia, which already has an active collaborative framework with social enterprise ventures/start-ups.

Furthermore, besides the chance of winning a fair share of venture capital, the contestants/entrepreneurs will also get exposure via various media channels linked to Chivas dedicated website and social media platforms, an approach that will assist ventures with positive social solutions/effect gain visibility. Chivas will also provide intensive coaching workshops incorporating industry experts at a Global Accelerator Week aiming to advance the social enterprise impact. The Venture was initiated in 2014, starting with local contests in 16 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America.


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