Two Reasons Why Social Entrepreneurship Is the New Franchise Model


The article investigates two leading social entrepreneurs, all of whom are incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. They all have embraced the career with meaning, and here are two reasons why they believe social enterprise is the new business model.

It connects you to your life purpose

Honeycomb is a social impact online-based franchise which brings in businesses and philanthropy together in a bid to make the globe a better place. The company has overseen around $2.4 million in social impact deals, to well over 500 non-profits in less than four years since its inception. Honeycomb co-founder Melissa Levick mentioned that incorporation of a social cause into one’s business would in turn guarantee authentication in serving the world; making one feel connected to his/her life purpose.

It is what consumers want

WE’VE franchise provides a global online network/market to skilled artisans living in India, Cambodia and the U.S. The firm ensures all commodities are created in an eco-friendly/sustainable manner. Also, WE’VE collaboratively work with artists to support their families and surrounding local communities. WE’VE Founder and CEO Eve Blossom asserts that more and more people are interested in goods/services that align to social values/norms.



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