Two Businesses That Prove 2016 is the Year of Social Entrepreneurship

Yoga Girl

No one could imagine that a thriving business model would emerge from Yoga, but nonetheless that is what geared the start for Rachel Brathen. She has been able to reach millions of people through her bestselling book entitled Yoga Girl together with an Instagram account of the same name. She utilizes the internet, with an online platform,, to offer yoga, health and meditation services. She aims at connecting teachers to people in the society who require healing. With that in mind, she views social media as a social mission. As a result, she has launched 109 World, a socially conscious website which seeks to provide working solutions to global issues including water pollution, gender inequality and food insecurity.

Safepoint Trust

Marc Koska has for ten years been working to cater for the underfunded dispensaries by redesigning medical apparatus and introducing cheap non-reusable syringes. Via the redesign of a simple medical tool, Koska’s Safepoint Trust franchise has been able to provide cheap and safe injection (Auto-Disable syringes) options in around 40 nations. In 2015, the Schwab Foundation mentioned him among the top social entrepreneurs of the year.



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