The Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

A chain of talks entitled Social Change Series; Mighty Ducks provide insights into the two main aspects, which if ignored, lead to dire consequences in any social franchise. In the first part of the talks, Tony Meloto, founder of the Gawad Kalinga firm, provides insights into one aspect – transformational leadership. Gawad Kalinga is a social franchise that has saved millions of Filipinos from poverty and aims to reach the ten million mark by 2024. Tony mentions that the Kalinga enterprise would not thrive without his leadership initiative, determination and strong will to end poverty. In restoring the dignity of the poor, Tony employs a transformation style of leadership which in turn inspires persons to be agents of social change while guiding the change/initiative through inspiration.

The second aspect crucial in the success of any social enterprise is discovering purpose. Louis Faure’s case serves as the perfect example of the above aspect. The French social entrepreneur went to the Phillippines initially on a short internship, but ended staying there due to the vision/cause of doing more. He mentioned that success in the social enterprise domain could not only be measured by profits, but also by a sense of fulfillment earned by doing something that one loves.


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