Two Ideas Driving The Future Of Social Entrepreneurship

Scale through collaboration

In recent times, the proponents in the social entrepreneurship domain have overseen a number of key ideals that could drive the future of the enterprise. Strong themes mentioned in debates include the need for partnerships and franchising together with scaling via influential impact. The above directives would in turn lead to an increased funding environment plus a compelling strategy in ensuring effective/maximum impact. A number of new models have incorporated the above ideals which in turn has resulted in them sealing multiple deals and partnerships. For example, Willie Foote, CEO of Root Capital, is a proponent who transformed the company from a small start-up to a franchise worth well over $500 million, which gives support to farmers in developing countries.

Focusing on the young people

Recent discussions have mentioned the salient role of young people. A relative large percentage of social entrepreneurs work directly with the communities’ youth, with others helping them develop crucial life skills to thrive in the modern world. As an examples, speakers Taddy Blecher and Sandy Speicher of Ideo demonstrated working models around the globe that assist children in mastering ‘cognitive empathy’.


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