Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Launches $10 Million Endowment Fund for its Global Social Benefit Fellowship

The Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, a branch at the Santa Clara University, recently launched a ten million dollar endowment fund catering for its Global Social Benefit Program (GSBP). The GSBP fully caters for about students’ travel, classes and post-trip coursework. The program picks 20 students in every year, to engage in a hands-on research study at different social franchises that have passed through Miller Center programs. This field based/hands-on-approach has exponentially brought benefits to both enterprises and groups of people within communities. A number of students have also been able to earn scholarships from the above approach.

The GSBF program held its annual event on May 25th at the Mission Open House. Fellowship students presented field projects which they engaged in as part of the yearlong fellowship program. Projects brought forth included use of solar energy items by rural African women; evaluation of clear water technologies in Central America; and the sustainability of artisan social enterprises by women and children in Africa.


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