Social Entrepreneurship by Design

Social Entrepreneurship by Design is a social enterprise course taught by Professor Heidi Neck at Babson College, and it incorporates both scholarly exploration and visual communication. The course aims to come up with new products and/or services solving a social problem via oriented collaborative design. This user oriented approach is a proven six step process that enables the creation of goods/services responding to user needs, by looking at the user as central to the design process. With layers of complexity in social domains, it is salient for the overall design products to yield both economic and social value to the stakeholders. To be able to cater to all critical stakeholders, the approach demands an assessment of the design process, functionality, users, market industries and other stakeholders. In addition, solutions of such issues demand partnerships, alliances and even special funding, hence a broad perspective/comprehension of the problem from multiple stakeholders is needed. With every semester, the course deals with one broad social problem.


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