Social media marketing tactics that enhance social entrepreneurship

Social media marketing comes in handy when promoting a brand. The key is to find tactics which are effective, in that they provide a larger return with relatively little initial investment.

Content distribution

Social media serves as a content marketing domain, hence it provides a powerful platform where published material can be promoted. It is essential to publish new information via social media outlets in attempt to boost that knowledge to the public. This in turn ensures more brand visibility and encourages more customer loyalty.

Discussion engagement

To attract a wider audience to a brand and keep them in the long term, discussions play a key role as the forums enable unfamiliar users to get involved, while the familiar users already engaged feel they are playing a crucial part in the brand. The approach to discussion forums should vary, in that a social brand owner may come up with discussion topics and in other times, he/she can ask the audience about various topics.


Contests serve as effective strategies, in that the promise of a reward promotes more user engagement. That in turn ensures sharing of information between users, therefore providing a brand with more visibility.


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