Fresh Food for all Detroiters

The obesity rate in the United States has been ever growing. More than 20 percent of all Americans are fighting obesity and in reaction suffer from heart strokes, type 2 diabetes and other health related issues. The state of Michigan itself has on average 31 percent obesity rate, with most of the citizens above 26 classified as obese. Therefore, healthy food, which can help cure such diseases, is highly important.

Noam Kimelman, the President, and Founder of Fresh Corner Café is trying to bring fresh food to everyone in Detroit. He is an entrepreneur who has a taste for food and is the 30 under 30 on Forbes 2016 Social Entrepreneurship category. He wishes to ensure that healthy food and not processed food delivered to each Detroit citizen.

His Fresh Corner Café is a mission-driven foods distributor. He believes that healthy and good food can help bring back the healthy side of living amongst the citizens, allowing them to heal, nourish, and inspire others as well. They provide foods that include local farm products, fruits, vegetables, and other delicacies to schools, homes and workplaces. All food for schools and homes is highly subsidized and sold at wholesale rates. The money is generated through pop-up locations that are managed weekly at various communities, fresh food catering and other workplace café boxes.

The fresh catering offers breakfast boxes, lunchbox catering, buffetmeals and the fresh corner café classics. The model of workplace cafes has been a superhit too. Fresh Corner provides meals and snacks on a daily basis and stores them in custom made in-house refrigerators at partnered workplaces. Employees can use credit card payment method to pay for their meals on the spot while Fresh Corner manages to provide a new item every now and then. Due to this initiative, there has been a reduction of 21 percent in sick leaves, the productivity of employees has increased by 11 percent, and many employees, in turn, help market it as well.

Kimelman started with his Buick delivery truck in 1995. He used to deliver fresh food to three locations every week. Now he has a team of twelve and delivers to more than 35 stores, 20 community schools and various other partnered workplaces. His catering business is a super hit as many health conscious families have started ordering food for parties. He reinvests the cash in a non profit organisation named The Food Academy, which helps students learn business and cooking skills. 30 students are given a stipend, which they can use to create their own ideas and delicacies. Last year, Kids produced a new product known as Mitten Bites, which is now available at various Whole Foods Markets.


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