Changing the world with social entrepreneurship


Running a socially conscious project is commendable. Here are four such social entrepreneurs whose business ideas have led to transformation in societies for instance in how natural resources are utilized, sustainable use and management of land and even education of girls. Due to their transformative vision, these social entrepreneurs have been awarded the Skill Award. This is an Award that rewards projects that have had a large-scale impact on the community.

Alasdair Harris from the United Kingdom is the founder of Blue Ventures. The idea behind this venture is to find sustainable coastal conservation efforts in the developing world by involving the local community. According to Harris, since conservation typically alienates people, it ends up achieving the opposite of its goal. In order to fill that gap, he founded Blue Ventures in 2003 with the aim of demonstrating that conservation projects can produce desired results. This model was tested in Madagascar where an octopus fishing area was successfully cordoned off. Such projects were rolled out in different countries including Fiji and Belize where it made up to US$1.4 million.

Safeena Husain is the Chief Executive of Educate Girls based in India. Passion for education is at the core of the company with Husain’s team going door to door urging non-school girls to enroll. The involvement of all stakeholders is done, with the inclusion of head teachers, parents and even village leaders in the process of girl child education. Due to this long-term approach, Educate Girls has schooled 1.3 million school going children who had previously not had the opportunity to get education.

Ma Jun’s Environmental Institute is based in Beijing China. It aims at giving locals an incentive to preserve the environment. Public participation is at the core if this model. As a nonprofit, it raised US$1.4 million for its projects.

Jagdeesh Rao the Chief Executive of Ecological Security Foundation has helped locals engage in forest protection and the management of grazing land. These efforts have led to management of 3.7 million acres of grazing land and fundraising of up to US$3.9 million.


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