The Lucky Iron Fish and Gavin Armstrong


Social entrepreneurship is to answer social issues, through innovative ways. Social enterprises help bring  such social entrepreneurship ideas into a reality. They, in general, provide a business model, which is self-sustaining, yet is able to reinvest local resources in helping solve local issues. The Lucky Iron Fish project is there to ensure the same. Helping ensures a healthy way to fight iron deficiencies.

Gavin Armstrong is the Founder and President of a B-Corporation named the Lucky Iron Fish. He found a medically viable, healthy and low-cost way to commercialize the way iron enriched food can be sold to those who have iron deficiencies. The Lucky Iron Fish is a gesture of good luck, which weighs around 200 grams. When put into a vessel with boiling water and some lemon juice, can then be used for cooking rice and other stews, helping reduce iron deficiency in humans. The project was first used in Combodia where unemployable Cambodian youth was asked to work for the project. The company uses recycled scrap iron to develop these products. Since of 2015, the company has donated every single unit of Lucky iron Fish, for every unit sold. Moreover, more than 98 percent of Lucky Iron Fish users have promoted the product to their relatives and neighbors to use the product to help fight iron deficiencies as a gesture of good luck.

Gavin has secured more than $2 million from international investors and partners for the project to date. More than 70,000 iron fishes have been created and distributed to non-governmental organizations in Cambodia and across the globe. Gavin thinks that Global corporations have the power and resources to respond to globalhealth issues through research and development of low-cost products. Gavin does just that while being a speaker and a seasoned social entrepreneur himself. He has won various awards for his project and services to societyin Cambodia. Some of the awards include the Cannes Lions Grand Prix, Edison FoundationInnovationAwards, and Clinton Hunger Leadership Awards. He is also the Resident Entrepreneur for Kirchner Food Fellowship Program.



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