Sughar brings Women’s Rights to Pakistan

Social development is not an instant work. There are a lot of elements required in order to facilitate the growth of societies. One such element is the need to address issues related to women’s rights and their ability to have self-sufficient roles in societies.

It is well known that in Pakistan, women are not given equal status, nor they are encouraged to take equal opportunities as their male counterparts. Honor killings, childhood marriages, and slavery are common. In countries like Pakistan where poverty is the single most important issue, women’s rights are usually given a second priority. But there is one lady who has managed to defy all odds and fight for women’s rights, allowing them access to education, as well as opportunities to play a constructive role in societies they live in.

Khalida Brohi is the founder and a social activist for women’s rights at Sughar. The NGO is placed in tribal and rural areas of Pakistan and helps women understand their potential and enjoy the freedom through their skills via the Sughar Empowerment Society. She takes inspiration from her parents while being a young champion award holder from the University of Singapore herself. She saw honor killing of her friend at the age of sixteen and thought of taking social initiatives to protect women from such traditional crimes. Sughar itself means skilled and confident woman, which helps set the tone for women in tribal regions of Pakistan.

Sughar provides education and business skills to women, which in turn helps them create fashion products through embroidery and handy crafts. It helps them earn money, and reinvest it in other hand made products such as shoes, women clothing, and handbags. Khalida remembers when she first started, she faced criticism and challenges from men, which has no acceptance for such projects in villages. Her Women empowerment programs are based in Baluchistanin Sindh provines of Pakistan. By this initiative, she aims to achieve an enterprise development structure for women in rural areas, help men understand women’s rights through education and provide women with a platform to be self-sufficient and increase skills for a better quality of life.


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