Developing Civil Society through Social entrepreneurship

The development of a functioning civil society is essential for democracy to thrive. Hence, it makes a compelling case to evaluate how the world has been working towards a more robust freedom of speech and education for all initiatives to help innovative minds bring social change.

One cannot go against what Oxfam just reported a week ago. The richest 385 have the same wealth as half of the world poorest citizens together. It is a hard to swallow the notion of inequality, which seems to be getting worst.

Moreover, the other major issue is whether there is enough liberty for others to grow, or are governments ready to lower taxes and work towards more development in infrastructure, food, health and education resources, rather than invest in global conflicts or military expansion.

All this brought World Economic Forum that is happening in Davos to an active reality check. An invite-only event which the billionaire George Soros terms as a big cocktail party needs to take some serious notice of this growing concern. Here is a need to invest in social enterprises and help people achieve a social good through sustainable development goals. Ideas that lead to social upliftment through the use of profits generated from the projects is essential. But are the governments ready to subsidize such low-cost projects, or are the big corporations ready to engage small innovators in order to help a society grow.

All this brings us close to the second question of how effective civil societies are. Civil societies can only grow if there is efficient Public-Private Partnership available. Unless social entrepreneurs are engaged in developing coherent civil societies, it is hard for them to grow. Let alone bring government closer to issues that are more pressing in current times than the investment in a global arms race, or providing tax cuts to big businesses but not the poor society. The major cause of inequality is the ineffective civil societies, their inability to harness global change through functioning models, while not learning the basics of social entrepreneurship. The steps to understanding impact investing and the need to bring forward human rights, poverty alleviation and education for all is the way forward towards an equal world for all.


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