Chase Adams – Crowdfunding Healthcare Globally

One of the biggest expenses globally for everyone is healthcare. As much as it is expensive in North America, it is highly unavailable to third world countries. Nations that lack basic healthcare, or where costly treatments are not easy to get, Watsi is crowdfunding healthcare for the globe. The founder and CEO of Watsi, Chase Adams, is not just another social entrepreneur. He is one of the 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs identified by Forbes and is passionate about what he does.

A renowned global citizen, Chase Adams started Watsi in 2012, after leaving his finance job to work on providing crowdfunded healthcare solutions and treatments to citizens who find it hard to fund their medical bills and treatments. Watsi, a small town of Costa Rica, is where the story started for Adams. He saw a lady asking financial help from people in a bus for the treatment of her son. Chase Adams who has always been passionate about social projects thought of a channel that can help people who need a new life. Since 2012, Watsi and Chase have grown their network from 50 profiles to more than 1,000, spanning 16 countries, with more than $2 million raised. Watsi team members travel across the globe, in collaboration with funders and medical institutions searching for profiles in need and connecting them to a global network of funders. Anyone can donate from $5 to whatever they find feasible while getting constant updates on projects being funded or donated for.

While helping thousands, one two-month-old patient Maritu lives in Ethiopia and requires $1,500 for her anorectal surgery. The crowdfunding network has donated $1,100 to date and more is hoped to be achieved soon. Another one is a student in Haiti, Jean Wilson needs to be treated for a critical heart catheterization procedure. If successful, he would be able to learn and play soccer with his friends and become an engineer. He was born with tetralogy of Fallot, causing a hole between his heart chambers and valves. His body finds it hard to absorb oxygen.This funding will help him get transported to the Dominican Republic for tests and heart surgery.

Chase Adams is one of the many social entrepreneurs who have been active to ensure patients in need are helped across borders and boundaries, irrespective of religion and social structures.


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