Profile of Tanyella Evans

What social issues in your community are you passionate about? Have you taken any step to solve any of those issues? Most governments overlook some social issues especially when resources are limited. They will allocate resources to basic amenities that communities cannot live without. While we push government authorities to address overlooked issues, we all have a role to play in improving the quality of life in our communities. Forbes recognizes leading social entrepreneurs every year who use their talents and resources to help disadvantaged communities. One of the social entrepreneurs in this year’s list is Tanyella Evans. Tanyella recognized the poor state of education in impoverished communities and decided to make a difference. She co-founded Library of All with Rebecca McDonald. The main of this organization is to increase the communities’ access to books.

Library for All build on the current technology where people can perform most of their activities on their mobile phones. Tanyella recognized the opportunity that mobile phones create for learning and sharing knowledge. Building physical libraries and stocking them with the latest publications of books is expensive. Many developing countries have a limited number of libraries, which are stocked with outdated books. Parents bear the burden of buying books for their children throughout their schooling years. Children from poor families miss opportunities to score higher grades and achieve their dreams because they cannot access the required books. Library for All unlocks knowledge by delivering ebooks to mobile phones, computers, and other mobile devices such as tablets.

The organization recognizes that many people in developing countries have slow internet connections. Hence, Library for All provide ebooks that people can access using low bandwidths. In addition, the organization shares knowledge in languages that people can understand. Hence, beneficiaries can access knowledge in their local languages and in international languages as well. The organization shares knowledge that is relevant to each culture. One advantage of ebooks is that both teachers and students can access the knowledge at a low cost. Most schools in developing countries have computers and internet connection. Hence, students can take advantage of the ebooks while at school if they cannot access them at home. Tanyella Evans was recognized for these efforts to improve learning in developing countries.

Tanyella works as the Chief Operations Officer at Library for All. She built on her experience in starting and running development programs to start this non-profit organization. Tanyella lived and worked in Uganda as a teacher. She had firsthand experience with the state of education and culture and developing countries. She was part of the Campaign for Female Education in the United Kingdom and worked as the executive director for Artists for Peace and Justice. The latter organization built a school in Haiti serves thousands of students living in the slums. Tanyella graduated from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom with a degree in social and political science. After her appearance on Forbes’ list of top 30 social entrepreneurs, Tanyella Evans was among the six global recipients of the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award. Tanyella’s efforts should inspire you to do something the social issue(s) in your community.


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