Katy Ashe’s Profile


Katy Ashe is one of Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs. The 27-year old has made a significant contribution to many families through Noora Health. Katy founded Noora Health with Edith Elliot to equip families and patients with effective health skills. She is the chief design officer of the non-profit organization. The organization targets high-risk patients and their close family members. It equips them with simple, practical, and low-risk health risks so that they can manage their conditions effectively at home. Noora Health acknowledges the need for simplified health information that can save lives. By training high-risk patients and their families, the non-profit organization enables them to avoid readmissions and reduce their stay in hospital. Patients enjoy better home care after training.

Noora Health works with hospitals to prepare patients to recover from home. In this case, training is customized to suit the patients’ condition and resources. Although high-income families can utilize the skills that the organization offers, the main target is marginalized communities. The in-person and video-based training programs incorporate healthy living skills including physical exercises and diet. Such skills benefit recovering patients and their caregivers as well. The training also includes information on early signs of various diseases. With this information, families that seek medical help early enough and avoid fatal outcomes. Early diagnose of any disease increases the chances of survival and quick recovery. Using digital technology, Noora Health is able to reach many families with health information.

Technology enables the organization to offer support to trainees and patients at any time. Instead of generalized information about a disease, caregivers and patients receive patient-specific advice. Noora in collaboration with Narayana Health has managed to train over 13,000 caregivers from marginalized Indian communities. These families depend on 1-4 dollars a day to survive. The organization has training stations in 16 hospitals in India and its program has benefited over 8,000 patients. These efforts placed Katy Ashe on Forbes list in 2015. She grew up in a small rural town in America and was involved in community projects before starting Noora Health. She has a bachelors and masters degree from Stanford University. She studied environmental fluid mechanics and hydrology. Katy worked for over two as the environmental health research and project manager at Carnegie Institution for Science.

Katy also worked in Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital as service design project consultant, and in Stanford News Service as a journalism intern. In addition to Forbes award, Katy has received awards from Stanford Creative Arts, Echoing Green, and Quest Scholar Program. She has two publications on gold mining that were published in 2012. At Noora Health, Katy oversees the organizations operations in the United States and India. She is directly involved in hiring trainers and raising funds to support the education program. Katy helps the organization to design and implement effective strategies of reaching many low-income families. What started as a class project in Stanford University has transformed into an organization that benefits thousands of families. Katy and Elliot have overcome the odds of being female founders and are a source of inspiration to other female social entrepreneurs.


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