Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE)’s Business Model

The Association of Private Enterprise Education is an association that brings together partners in education institutions, government, and different industries. All partners in APEE have a common interest in supporting and expanding private enterprise education. APEE has various objectives that include ensuring that people are aware of private enterprise principles and apply them in their businesses. The association is committed to better living standards for all people, innovation, fairness, and an environment that supports change and growth. The association is also committed to fair and productivity in private enterprises. APEE seeks to demonstrate the importance and value of its invisible hand in business. These objectives guide APEE’s partners in their teachings and publications.

Other APEE goals and objectives include improving the relations between businesses and academic institutions and improving the effectiveness of current private enterprise programs. To achieve these objectives, APEE creates a platform where its partners can share their knowledge on private enterprise. Its members engage in in-depth research on the subject and gather useful knowledge that improves the performance of start-ups. This information is valueless if it does not reach the target audience. Hence, APEE organizes conferences where its members can share their research findings with their peers and the public. Interactions among APEE members revolve around private enterprises. They share and analyze research findings even before they can share the information with the public. The pool of knowledge at APEE does not only benefit business owners but also tutors and teachers.

APEE is committed to ensuring that teachers and tutors give relevant information to their students on private enterprise. Teachers and tutors in this field are encouraged to join the organization to learn more in a bid to improve the quality private enterprise education. In addition to annual conferences, APEE has directories, publications, newsletters and other programs where its members can share knowledge. One of the association’s major publications is the Journal of Private Enterprise. You will find articles from members in this journal, which are based on authentic research. APEE encourages anyone with the same goals as the association to join. It offers institutional and individual memberships. You can choose professional membership (online) that allows you to access the Journal of Private Enterprise online. Professional membership (print) gives you access to an online and hard copy of the Journal.

You can also seek student membership, which will also allows you access to the online Journal. APEE encourages student members to join so that they can learn from other professionals. The association appreciates the importance of public support to private enterprises. However, the public can only offer support to their level of understanding of this sector. APEE equips the public with the right information to increase their understanding. When people understand the dynamics of private enterprise and market functions, they will reduce their overdependence on political leaders and organizations to solve social problems. You will agree that each state requires such an association to boost business growth and innovation. With the right information and support, business owners can build their enterprises to higher levels of productivity.



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