The Effect of the Young Entrepreneur Council on Its Community/City/Country

A simple evaluation of your local community will help you realize that entrepreneurs play a significant role in building local economies. The entrepreneurs in your area must have identified the specific needs of your community and introduced products or services to meet those needs. Entrepreneurs start small and medium enterprises that build national economies. These enterprises later grow into multinationals that move the global economy. However, growing an enterprise from a small startup to a multinational requires financial resources and entrepreneurial skills. The Young Entrepreneur Council is a network of the most successful entrepreneurs. One of the selection criteria to join the group is the applicant’s commitment to helping his or her community.

All Council members have demonstrated leadership in giving back to their communities through donations, mentorship, investments or volunteering. This means that the members already have an impact on their communities before joining the council. Their membership enables them to scale their impact. The Council is made of successful entrepreneurs who make millions of dollars in profits. The aim of bringing these entrepreneurs together is to empower them to build their businesses to higher levels. This means that their communities will benefit even more as their businesses and income levels grow. In addition to community support, Council members connect with upcoming entrepreneurs. They mentor such entrepreneurs through organizations that train entrepreneurs. Raising new entrepreneurs ensures that their impact, knowledge, and skills are passed on to the next generations.

Mentorship is beneficial to communities because it ensures that their economies will continue to grow in the coming years. The Council organizes in-person and virtual meetings between members and students in the US. The members have an opportunity to shape the career paths of these students at an early age and equip them with the right information on entrepreneurship. Peer mentorship among council members is beneficial to the community of entrepreneurs. One of the objectives of the Council’s leadership is help entrepreneurs avoid making the same mistakes. Entrepreneurs receive personalized advice for their ventures and can connect directly to their preferred mentor. The entrepreneurs’ community also benefits from business deals, discounts, and media opportunities from other members. In addition, their FoundersCard membership enables them to enjoy various benefits. These include VIP treatment in the best hotels, airlines, and lifestyle brands among others.

The impact of entrepreneurship is not limited to local economies and communities. Entrepreneurs drive national economies through their innovations and products. They drive economies in cities and meet specific needs. In addition, their ventures contribute to government revenue through taxation. The Entrepreneur Council consists of founders who affect national and international economies. With the mentorship and support from the Council, members can extend their business beyond national borders. Consequently, they build foreign economies particularly by creating new jobs. New jobs in any economies translate to increased household income, better living standards and lower crime rates. Poverty fuels most illegal businesses and crimes. One successful entrepreneur creates social and economic change in his or her community. The impact is greater when top entrepreneurs who are committed to social change come together.


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