Profile on the Association of Private Enterprise Education and the CEO

Starting and running your own enterprise is not an easy, straightforward journey. As an entrepreneur, you constantly face the fear of losing your investments because of internal or external forces. Entrepreneurs often wonder if they are applying the right strategies in their businesses and if external factors will affect their performance. For this reason, some entrepreneurs come together to mentor one another and ensure that their enterprises withstand all internal and external pressure. Sometimes entrepreneurs receive support from other organizations. The Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) is one of the organizations that support private enterprises. APEE brings together scholars and tutors from different sectors including education institutions, different industries, and policymaking institutions. The interest in promoting private enterprises is common among the members of APEE.

APEE’s mission is promoting understanding and right application of the principles of private enterprise. The organization is committed to innovation, improved standards of living, fairness, and productivity. APEE provides platforms for scholars to share their thoughts, findings, and contribution to private enterprise. The organizations hold annual conferences in which members present their findings and receive awards from their outstanding contributions to private enterprise. Scholars can also share their findings through the Journal of Private Enterprise. Young scholars in the field of private enterprise have a chance to learn and grow at APEE. They are allowed to attend annual conferences and learn from other scholars. Education contributes significantly to successful enterprises. Getting the right information beforehand ensures that entrepreneurs do not repeat mistakes of their peers to learn.

APEE focuses its teachings on market systems and their functionality. It teaches entrepreneurs to maximize societal benefits through their innovation without relying on the government. One of the objectives of APEE is to rally public support for private enterprise. Private enterprises cannot thrive without government and public support but require a politically stable environment and minimal government interference. APEE bridges the gap between educations institutions and the business community. Its members have an opportunity to offer an invisible hand to business owners by providing them with the right information. In private enterprise education, APEE focuses on research, funding, and teaching approaches in educational institutions.

APEE’s leadership comprises of a team of officers and an executive committee. Douglas Den Uyl is the current president of APEE. He was brought up in Birmingham before moving to Boomfield Hills. Dr. Den Uyl attained his B.A at Kalamazoo College. He later joined the University of Chicago where he attainted his M.A. Dr. Den Uyl has a Ph.D from Marquette University. He currently serves the Liberty Fund as the vice president of its education programs. Den does not only lead the scholars at APEE but has also authored several books, journal articles, and essays. His scholarly work focuses on political theory, history, and morality. Prior to his appointments at Liberty Fund and APEE, Dr. Den Uyl was a philosophy lecturer at Bellarmine College. He was a full professor and the chairperson of the philosophy department at Bellarmine. Den has coauthored several books and published a collection of his essays with Doug Rasmussen.


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