BRAC- Dealing ebola crisis

BRAC’s intervention in the Ebola fight is lauded | Sierra Express Media

The attached news article signifies BRAC’s recent achievement in developing as an international NGO and in dealing with the ebola crisis. Although BRAC now focuses on the long term alternatives of social issues, they readily provide supports for short term issues like that of the Ebola crisis in Africa.

As the article states, the BRAC official in Sierra Leone was formally requested by the Sierra Leone government to address the issue of Ebola. In response to that, BRAC launched health care project in port look district, providing a free access to pharmacies as well as free pills. Not only that but also, BRAC has been providing free mobile phone services and the project known as Refresher Training for self empowerment of local people in Sierra Leone. Their effort suggests that BRAC is as a matter of fact, developing as an international entity. In fact, BRAC now operates in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Uganda, South Sudan, Haiti and etc. BRAC also played a major role in the relief process that took place in Haiti few years ago due to lethal earthquake. In South Sudan, BRAC provides micro credit, health facilities, and temporary dwellings for the refugees of the war. They are not just helping them out but are trying to rehabilitate them and become self empowered.


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