Young Entrepreneur Council’s Business Model 2

One common characteristic of membership organizations is that they bring together people with a common goal or interest. The interest may be a social or business activity. Members enjoy certain benefits for being part of the organization. Most membership organizations charge a subscription fee and evaluate all applications to determine if they fit into the group. The Young Entrepreneur Council is no different but its membership and nature of its operations set it apart from other membership organizations. As the name suggests, the Council brings together young entrepreneurs. However, these are no ordinary entrepreneurs. The Council consists of the most successful entrepreneurs. To join the council, you must submit an application and be willing to undergo a thorough evaluation. You are only eligible if you have successfully started a venture and are under 40 by the time you submit your application.

Your business must have recorded revenue of over $1 million and have upward trend in profits. Eligible members must have received an award from a reputable organization. They must be committed to giving back to other entrepreneurs and needy communities. The Council insists on thought leaders in their respective industries. You can tell from this criterion that the Council consists of the best entrepreneurs in every industry. Successful applicants enjoy various benefits. The first benefit is a FoundersCard membership, which qualifies them for various benefits including VIP treatment in luxurious hotels, airlines, service providers, and popular lifestyle brands. The FoundersCard membership qualifies them for premium benefits as well.

Another benefit for Council members is a member concierge. The member concierge follows up on one member and his or her business to ensure that he or she receives any help necessary from the Council. A member can receive help or advice via phone or chat. Another major benefit is media coverage of professionally edited quotes and posts from the members. This content is published and publicized in the leading media networks such as Forbes, Fox, The Huffington Post, and Yahoo among many others. The Young Entrepreneur Council collaborates with Junior Achievement to educate its members. Junior Achievement is an organization whose mandate is to educate students on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The Council gives its members an opportunity to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs through in-person and virtual interactions.

Members have access to the member dashboard, which is a platform for members to interact and mentor one another. In this platform, members identify other members they would like to meet or interact with. The Council facilitates the interactions that range from mentorship to discussion about business offers. On this platform, members learn and take advantage of opportunities including media or publicity opportunities. In addition to virtual interactions, members have opportunities to interact with other successful entrepreneurs during in-person events. Such events sometimes include other top executives in the US. Entrepreneurs in the US can choose to join any of the entrepreneurs’ club. However, the advantage of joining the Young Entrepreneur Council is that you enjoy a personalized experience. You will receive customised advice and support that suit your business. You will learn from the best and avoid repeating their mistakes in your business.


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