BRAC’s Operational model

Abed changed the acronym of former BRAC to Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee when he wanted to provide a long-term alternative to ongoing poverty rather than the short term one. Since then the company had rapidly enlarged the scope of their project and reaped out regional and international successes. By putting efforts in wider spectrum that includes education, public health, social development and disaster relief, BRAC’s operational model serves as both the short term and long term alternative to the poor people (women in particular) in Bangladesh.

On top of that, BRAC utilizes two measures to self empower the people in Bangladesh; Micro lending and a unilateral support. By dispensing the micro credit loans, BRAC makes it easy for Bangladeshis to build up their own enterprises and self empower them. By providing continuous supports and education in the field of sericulture, fisheries and livestock to the youth, BRAC encourages them to be the economically active sector of Bangladesh. One notable example of this is Aarong, a retail chain of Bangladesh that educates young Bangladesh women how to make a cloth and employing them as the chain’s worker.

BRAC also focuses on providing education and health services. In terms of education, BRAC’s major aim is to reduce the illiteracy rate. They soon found out that poor children do not have any access to formal schooling. Thus, BRAC established Non-Formal Primary Education Program to provide children aged 8 to 14 a basic education. Many students educated in this one room school are more willing to continue their studies in colleges and universities. Not only the school provides basic curriculum but they also provide extra curricular activates just like other prestigious schools offer. Furthermore, BRAC provides oral rehydration program and health insurance scheme with its primary aim of reducing the child mortality rate. Women can now have babies in safer condition and can also benefit from insurance. Oral rehydration program is provided to people of any gender, which provides an alternative not only to child mortality but other diseases related to dehydration such as diarrhea.


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