Profile on Young Entrepreneur Council and the CEO

If you are interested in joining a network of successful and promising entrepreneurs, the Young Entrepreneur Council may be your best choice. The Young Entrepreneur Council is one of the most successful business communities. It is an invite-only community of the most successful entrepreneurs. Most of the members are below 40 years. The main objective of this community is to connect successful entrepreneurs so that they can achieve higher levels of success in their business. The Council also aims at giving successful entrepreneurs an opportunity to give back to upcoming entrepreneurs through its mentorship programs. The members of the Young Entrepreneur Council own businesses that generate revenue in billions of dollars. The Council is highly selective in its membership.

If you believe that you qualify to join the council, you will be required to fill out an application form. The Council’s membership committee will evaluate your business using quantitative and qualitative measures. The committee and other members determine if you are eligible to be a member of the council. Members must be founders of successful business with high turnovers of over a million dollars. Eligible candidates must be recognized as thought leaders and have significant contributions to the entrepreneurship community. In addition, they must be committed to giving back to the community in terms of donations, volunteering, and mentorship among other programs. This selective criterion ensures that the Council consists of likeminded entrepreneurs. Since its start in 2010, the council has received over 14000 applications but has only approved less than 10% of them.

Successful applicants receive a membership card that enables them to enjoy various benefits. They interact with peers in different industries especially in the occasional in-person events. Council members have an opportunity to build their brands in the media and through interviews. The Council has a members-only dashboard where members share ideas, deals, advice, and discounts. Members enjoy incredible discounts on travel and lifestyles services from hotels and travel companies affiliated to the Council. Members have an opportunity to give back to the entrepreneurship community through organizations that empower young entrepreneurs. In addition, members enjoy education opportunities including scholarship programs for online degrees. Scott Gerber is the Council’s founder. He is a serial entrepreneur, author, and the Founders Forum’s host. He is an international recognized columnist on entrepreneurship who has been featured in all major media firms.

Scott’s profile and achievements have been featured on CNN, Reuters, BBC, Forbes, New York Times and CBS news among others. Gerber has received awards from the White House and NASDAQ for his contribution to entrepreneurship. His columns have been published on CNN, The Huffing Post, and TIME among others. Scott was among the ‘4 Young Social Good Entrepreneurs to Watch’ in 2011. In 2012, Fortune Magazine named him ‘generation Y employment champion; while Forbes named the Council “America’s most elite entrepreneur organization.” Prior to establishing the Council, Scott had failed in many startups. He purposed to help other entrepreneurs avoid making the same mistakes he did. After starting successful ventures for a decade, Scott joined Ryan Paugh to start the Young Entrepreneur Council.


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