Fiza Farhan’s Profile

Fiza Farhan was among Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs. Fiza is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Buksh Foundation. She is Director of Buksh Energy, which is the sister company of Buksh Foundation. Fiza has enabled Buksh Foundation build a unique and successful microfinance business model. The microfinance focuses empowering its clients by giving loans to credible clients who can use the loans to build their enterprises and impact communities. Buksh conducts extensive interviews with its clients before granting any loans to ensure that the clients are committed to paying back. Fazi’s business model is built on the argument that the institution is only sustainable if clients do not go back for more loans. The focus on creditworthiness of clients has enabled Fuksh Foundation achieve a default rate of less 1%.

Fazi’s leadership in the sister concern, Buksh Energy, earned her the position in Forbes’ list. Buksh Energy is an energy company that supplies renewable energy to the underprivileged communities and villages in Pakistan. The company targets communities with no infrastructure and electricity, which many energy companies and the public sector ignore. Buksh Energy has supplied solar lanterns to more than 140 villages in Pakistan. The company has installed solar panels in off-grid villages to power solar charging stations. Prior to this intervention, villagers would travel for miles to charge their phones. This project trains one woman from each village for two weeks. The representative will run the solar charging station in her village with help of technical officers. Half of the amount that Buksh Energy charges for the solar stations goes to maintaining the stations to ensure that the project is sustainable.

Buksh Foundation intends to expand its operations to include solar water filtration plants for the underprivileged villages. The foundation intends to supply about six thousand homes with clean water. For these contributions, the World Energy Council named Fiza as a “Future Energy Leader.” Fiza is a Co-Chairperson of the Italian Development Chamber of Commerce. She is also the Chief Strategy Officer of Compass Training and Consultancy. Fiza has been invited to speak at different forums and conferences especially on issues in the energy industries. She has spoken at the SE4 All Conference Network and the Impact Investing Summit. She has represented Pakistan at the ADB-Asia Clean Energy Forum, UN Foundation Practitioners Network, and the Energy World Council.

Fiza was awarded the prestigious 11thannual Environmental Excellence Award in the category of the Best Performance in Renewable Energy. Fiza pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. She also holds a Master of Science degree in Management awarded by Warwick Business School. She was engaged in various development projects after her graduation before teaming up with Asim Buksh in 2008. They co-founded the two companies in 2009 to create energy solutions and tap the rising demand for renewable energy. Buksh Foundation offer loans to entrepreneurs especially those in the energy sector. Over 12,000 entrepreneurs have benefited from loans issued by the foundation. Fiza supports social entrepreneurship especially in Pakistan where the public sector has ignored many underprivileged communities.


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